“Every bottle of Bourbon tells a story"

- Charlie Berry, Owner

Here at Charlie's Still on Main, we hold a special love for the history and romanticism of Bourbon in the South...
from the days of the moonshiners and bootleggers to today's trends in the popularity and enjoyment of Bourbon.
Our Brown Water Menu offers guests a literal walk through history, one bottle at a time.


For us, the term “Southern Table” means many things; simplicity, comfort, taste, relaxation…but first and foremost, a “coming together”. We hope to offer an atmosphere, a menu and an overall experience that gives you, our guests, a home…a home to relax, enjoy good food and drinks, and enjoy the company you’re with in a warm and welcoming environment.




Our love of southern cooking has motivated us to perfect some of the South’s classic and most traditional dishes, such as Smothered Fried Chicken, 

Burgoo Stew, Shrimp n’ Grits and of course, 

The Kentucky Hot Brown.


Focusing on Bourbon, Whiskey and Rye, we offer a substantial Brown Water Menu to enjoy neat or on ice. While we have the straight-sipper covered, 

we also have an extensive craft cocktail menu for those who prefer their Whiskey as part of an overall cocktail build.


Live Music is an integral part of Charlie’s Still on Main, and we’re fortunate that so many outstanding local musicians think so too! 

- Friends n' Family -

For us, the most important component of a successful business is THE PEOPLE. From our family of staff to our family of guests, we understand that THEY are what makes this special place work!

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